Caring for homeless children

Masters Protection Group

Master’s  Protection Group

(MPG) is an independent company

not connected with

Living Waters or Freedom Club.

Michael Clark, president of MPG, has 16+ years of protecting people’s  assets. I, Dr. Bob Kersey,D.D., have researched many asset protection companies and find MPG to be the leader, BY FAR, in this area, none other, in my opinion, comes even close to the services MPG provides. I am providing you with this information so that you can do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

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Web site:

Masters Protection Group phone # 407-873-1289

Email Mike at

Recorded phone calls:  (Hint: start at the bottom, 03-14, and work up.)

1. Phone number: 712-432-8788

2. Access Code:  24680#

3. To play back the MOST RECENT RECORDING press… “O#”

4. To PLAY BACK OTHER RECORDINGS input the “code” numbers

.      and the “#”.

example: for the 03-14 recording input 3109#

5. Press 4 to fast forward two minutes.

6. Press 6 to go back two minutes.

Date of Call          Recording ID

08-29                    3836#     IRS talking points

08-22                   3787#    Good Q&A (Schedule B docs*UCC-1 *notary*treasury dept, etc.)

08-15                     3766#

08-08                    3744#     UCC-1 lien

08-01                     3726#     IRS call

07-27                     3684#     Questions, Annie call

07-25                     3678#     Good Q&A call

07-18                     3666#

07-11                      3649#

07-06                    3636#      Good Q&A call

6-27                       3612#

6-13                        3537#     Good Q&A call

06-06                    3518#

05-30                    3502#      STS program explanation.. very good

05-23                    3472#

05-16                     3413#      Good call – tax and offshore info

05-12                     3401#     Q&A

05-09                    3382#     Bill Tully

04-21                     3317#      Teaching Trust

03-14                     3109#     Very good A-Z call

NOTE: To return to the Home Page click on the words “Living Waters”

at the top left of this page, or click your back arrow.


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