Caring for homeless children

about Living Waters

For by grace you have been saved!

            Our precious Saviour gave His blood so that He could have fellowship with us, so that all who would come could.  We are fast ushering the last day events that will herald our Lord’s return. Yet many, literally millions, 146 million, children live in poverty, and know nothing about a wonderful Saviour that loves them and wants them to prosper and live in health. These children live, eat, and sleep in the trash dumps of the world.

Shame on us, including me, this is truly deplorable.

The Living Waters Project is a nonprofit, public benefit, faith-based organization with headquarters located in the city of Simi Valley, California, and 501(c)(3) exemption recognition pending from the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

The Living Waters Project (hereinafter referred to as the/our Organization) is primarily a community services and outreach organization with a specific commitment to foster the wellbeing and care of at-risk children and families. The primary intent of the programs and services implemented is to help said children and families achieve success through health and wellness, spiritual development, advocacy, prevention, intervention, education, training, agricultural development, development of low cost, environmentally friendly, “green” biofuel, and business, entrepreneur and industrial development. The Organization has also established a provision for extending supportive and emergency services to individuals, families and communities when needed.

Secondarily, our Organization is committed to building the infrastructure of communities via land development, and economic and business development. Many of these efforts are consistent with fostering humanitarian efforts as it relates to the preservation and unification of families, building the infrastructure, and sustaining communities.

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The Living Waters Houses of Peace and Refuge Project can be categorized in a seven (7) phase development process:

Phase I,
incorporates the development of the core program and infrastructure, including the acquisition and development of buildings and land, hiring staff, teachers, counselors, nurses, cooks, house keeping, grounds and maintenance personal. We have retained local Doctors and all the children receive whatever medical care they need. Also the implementation of programs and services [Health & Wellness, Business & Entrepreneurial Development, Employment Services, Information Technology/Internet, and Community Outreach/Social Services.

Phase II,

includes Agricultural and Food Services Development (farming development, including the acquisition and development of, and seed bedding land for food services programs.)

Phase III, Industrial Development;

Phase IV, Tourism Development;

Phase V, Children Programs Development;

Phase VI,
higher training for older children, Tech Schools and Education in the Trades, Construction, etc., and,

Phase VII,

preparing the older students, at the appropriate age, to leave the homes. Some will be ready at 18 plus while others will want to go on to college, which we will encourage.

NOTE: to return to the HOME PAGE click on the words “Living Waters” at the top left of the page, or click your back arrow.


Office Phone # 818-538-4422

Dr. Bob Kersey, D.D.

Rocio Santos        


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